Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Research tech test.

I chose this image to represent High School because I am doing football. It was the only image that I could find on Nettrekker.com. I just typed in "football" and searched 7 different pages before I found a DECENT picture.


I chose this photo to represent High School because we use desks every day to do work and hold our school supplies. I found this image on Nettrekker.com by searching "desk" and going through a few pages.


I chose this image to represent High School because we do a lot of writing. And it is an image of a pencil. I found this image on Nettrekker.com by going through a few pages of the images.



Danielle Abernethy said...

Out of curiosity, what's wrong with the football image? You said it was the only DECENT image you could find. netTrekker d.i. only has decent images.

Poison Shirt said...

Did you find any authorship on any of these images? Why did you use NetTrekker over the other options? What did you try that wasn't successful?

Rico Squave said...

goood job

Danielle Abernethy said...

Poison Shirt actually brought up a great point. netTrekker d.i. does not own the images you pointed to. Just like a Google Image search, all it did was give you the thumbnail image. If you click on the image, you can find the source and the copyrights of each image. The difference between netTrekker d.i. and Google Image Search though is the images will be relevant and safe because netTrekker doesn't use filters but rather evaluation.

And Rico - I agree, great great!